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Lithgow is the birthplace of steel in Australia, and has a long
history of excellence in working with metals.

At one time there were three iron smelters and two
copper smelters in operation in the Lithgow Valley alone.
Blacksmiths of all kinds numbered in the hundreds.

Even today, when blacksmiths are an endangered species
around the country, the Lithgow Region can still count the
number of working blacksmiths in the dozens.

A piece of smithing history from 1698, presented by Ray Sherwin

PRESENTING: GRAHAM ASKEW'S MINI HALL OF FAME (as featured at Ironfest 2010)
(Located just in front of the Hall of Industry)

If you missed this fantastic collection of unique ironwork and tools made by farmers and blacksmiths, in their time of need, keep an eye out for a similiar display at Ironfest 2011.

Hear Graham talk about the items he has collected together over the last 40 years on his journeys all around Australia.


Blacksmithing has been at the 'molten core' of Ironfest from the very beginning, when Harry Piers, a Central West artist/blacksmith, first demonstrated ancient skills with his forge at Ironfest in 2000.
At the same time, well known local regional artist/blacksmith, Dave Sherlock, exhibited hand forged work for sale at the first Ironfest.
Each year more and more blacksmiths come to Ironfest, often travelling large distances, to exhibit work for sale, to demonstrate, and/or to take part in competitions.

Over 20 blacksmiths are expected to take part in this year's blacksmithing competitions, which will be run over two days.

Demonstrating ancient metal working skills, racing against the clock to finish, turning lumps of iron into art; blacksmiths from all over Australia drip sweat as they compete in competitions over two days.

The Hall of Industry is the Ironfest engine room where coins are smelted and the knife-making, chain-mail making and bio-diesel making workshops take place.

There will be continuous blacksmithing action taking place over the two days in the ‘Hall of Industry’.
(see festival site map)

State Mine Museum resident artist blacksmith Phil Spark at work

Dave Sherlock from Coolah demonstrating traditional blacksmithing techniques at Ironfest

Peter Wherrit demonstrating at Ironfest

Glenn Moon hard at work in the Hall of Industry

Armando Djuric (right) from Richmond TAFE discussing the Blacksmith Competition at Ironfest
click for Tafe blacksmithing and metalwork workshops info

Doug Moseley & his wife Myra (in background) at Ironfest

Wayne Saunders at his forge

Ray Gard showing some fine points

Graham Askew exhibiting at Ironfest

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